Our Pledge of Service Our Commitment to Excellence ...

Knight Estates’ efforts on your behalf will be to obtain the maximum market value in the least possible time at a minimum of inconvenience to you. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, customer concern and service.

Knight Estates Pledges to:

Prepare you and your property for the sale. We will:

  1. Determine the most likely selling price based on current market values.
  2. Discuss selling points and possible improvements to enhance the value of your home.
  3. Explain your showing options.
  4. Estimate your selling costs.
  5. Place you in personal contact with our relocation affiliates anywhere in South Africa, if needed.

Conclude the sale with the buyers. We will:

  1. Bring quality buyers.
  2. Show your property effectively.
  3. Present and explain all written offers.
  4. Negotiate the transaction.
  5. Finalise the sale contract.
Wilro Park Knight Estates Office
Wilro Park Office

Prepare you and your property for the sale. We will:

  1. Communicate your listing to all members of Prof List immediately.
  2. Provide a detailed listing sheet to prospective buyers and agents.
  3. Ensure complete exposure through Prof List.
  4. Place a distinctive Knight Estates sign on your property.
  5. Arrange for an open hour through Knight Estates and cooperation Prof List Members.
  6. Expose your property broadly to potential buyers through our proven Knight Estates marketing programs.

Follow through after the sale. We will:

  1. Follow up on buyer’s financing.
  2. See that all the conditions in the sales contact are met.
  3. Confirm the date of registration to you.
Noordheuwel Knight Estates Office
Noordheuwel Office

Facts To Consider:

    • Your property’s value is directly linked to the economic climate.
    • What you paid or what you would like do not influence the selling price.
    • Overpricing will not realize a higher selling price, as buyers compare your property to similar properties in your area and the market place, thus eliminating your property if unreasonable Your property is worth what a willing buyer is prepared to pay.
    • Correctly priced properties sell faster.
    • Avoid agents who over value with the sole intention of obtaining your.
    • I have the knowledge and branding (Knight Estates) to deliver the professional service to obtain the best possible price.
  • What Sells A Property
    • Position
    • Location
    • Display of For Sale board
    • Condition Of Property
    • Price Promotion
    • An Agent with YOUR interest at heart
    • Show Days
  • Valuating your Home

    It is our policy at Knight Estates to provide you with an honest, probable market related price for your property. Correct pricing is critical since the market will not be able to absorb an overpriced home.

    A variety of factors are taken into consideration when making an assessment. These include area, condition of property, and size of both property and land, comparison with competing properties currently in the market, together with the unique features pertaining to your specific property.

Selling Tips:

First Impressions

  • A nice clean, neat entrance
  • No weeds in paving
  • Clean walls
  • Spacious (vehicles out the way)
  • Trimmed garden
  • Cut lawns
  • Clean pool
  • Neat rooms
  • No laundry on lines
  • Garden furniture displayed
  • No food on stove
  • If paintings to sell, use neutral pale colours

Show Days

  • First impressions on left
  • Radio playing softly
  • All interior lights on
  • Pool motor running
  • Vanilla essence (out of sight)
  • Fresh flowers in lounge
  • Tidy house - including cupboards
  • Pets and valuables locked away
  • Toilet cleaner in bowl
  • Shining mirrors and windows
  • Clean neat kitchen and bathroms